Ginger Carrot Soup

So, this is really the recipe that started it all.  After making this, I sent out the recipe to a couple of people and I thought “See!  This is where your blog idea comes in handy!  You could share your findings with all your friends  if only you’d take the time to start a blog.”  You can fill in the rest.

This inspiration came from Dave’s cousin, Rachel.  She posted a picture on Facebook of her delicious ginger carrot soup.  I immediately googled it and came up with a recipe on (with the same name).  This recipe was adapted from the one.

As a side note, you might not be as impressed with the idea of ‘ginger carrot’ as I was.  Well, if so, let me tell you what my mom said after I emailed her the recipe.  She said she’s not that big into carrots and hates peeling them, but this recipe was so delicious that it was worth it.  There ya go; it has Mom’s seal of approval, so it must be good.

Here goes:

In a large pot, over high heat, add 2 tablespoons of butter and 1/2-1 onion (chopped or grated)  Cook until the butter is melted and the onions are fragrant.

First of all, let me say that my husband, Dave, hates onions.  He’ll eat the occasional meal with a purple onion but that’s about as far as it goes.  (And this whole “purple onion being okay” thing is quite recent….baby steps.)  Anyway, this means that I, the onion lover, have had to get a little creative.  A lot of times I’ll just cut the onion out of a recipe, but to cut it out of a soup seems criminal.  I discovered once when I was making a risotto recipe for the baby that called for grated onion that my husband didn’t mind eating it.  It’s really just the texture that bothers him, not so much the taste.  And ever since, I’ve been using grated onion whenever I NEED to include onion, I use this trick.  It might seem a little silly and you can feel free to chop it instead, but with this recipe, the grated onion comes in handy later on as well.

Onions and butter...yum?

Onions and butter…yum?

Next, add 5 cups chicken broth, 2 lbs carrots, peeled and chopped and 2 tablespoons grated or minced ginger.

I like 5-5.5 cups of the broth.  Anything more and I find the soup is too thin.  Experiment here, you can add more or less to your liking.  If you’re not sure what you’ll like, add 6 cups and read on; there’s a way to guess and check! (to a point…)

Not looking delicious yet, but just wait!

Cover, bring the soup to a boil, reduce heat and cook until the carrots are tender.  

I end up reducing the heat to medium and cooking the mixture for around 14 minutes.  This makes the carrots tender without overcooking and ending up with mush.

Spoon out the carrots and transfer them to a blender or food processor.  Process until smooth.

A couple things here: you can puree the entire mixture but be careful and do it in batches.  Putting too much liquid into a blender/processor gives you a huge, liquidy mess.  Yuck.  Second of all, this is why grating the onions is smart; by the time you have reached this point, the onions and ginger are so fine and tender that all you really need to do is puree the carrots.  Also, pureeing the entire mixture just reminded me too much of making baby food for my son.  I made a recipe almost exactly like this when he was on baby food.  I like a little texture to my soup.  (But obviously the decision is yours!)

Spooning the carrots into a processor is easy!  Putting the whole liquid mixture in is not.

Spooning the carrots into a processor is easy! Putting the whole liquid mixture in is not.

Return the carrots to the pot.

You might be thinking, “Amy, why did you stop here?  Do you really have something to say about returning the carrots to the pot?”  And yes, yes I do.  Remember when we talked about the whole  “trial and error with the amount of broth” thing?  Well, this is when it comes into play.  If you pureed just the carrots, you could also pour the rest of the liquid into a separate container (a bowl or such).  Put the carrots back into the pot and just pour some liquid and stir, keep pouring and stirring until you reach your desired thickness for the soup!  This is exactly how I discovered I like somewhere between 5 and 5.5 cups of broth.

Turn the burner back on high and add 1/2-3/4 c heavy cream.

Experiment here, see how creamy you like it.  Also, I am very cheap so last time I made it I used half-and-half.  I guess being half-and-half also means it’s just half the price (literally) so I tried it as a substitute.  It worked well-enough but the heavy cream was a bit more delicious.

Keep the soup on the burner until it’s heated through.  Ladle into bowls and garnish with sour cream and herbs if desired.  

As you can see in the picture, I used cilantro because I always seem to have some on hand and I think cilantro tastes good on everything!

Finished product.  Seriously yummy.

Finished product. Seriously yummy.

Enjoy!  For a printable copy, click on the link:

Ginger Carrot Soup


2 thoughts on “Ginger Carrot Soup

  1. I like the photos that you’ve included for this soup. Also, I especially like that you’ve included a link to a printable copy of the recipe. I tried it, and it was delicious. I ran it all through the blender (not at the same time), but I didn’t blend it too long. Left nice small chunks, so it wasn’t like a carrot flavored beverage!

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