Cable Picture Hanger

Alright, here’s another project we just completed for our lower youth room (which is sooo close to being done…and yet so far away.)  In our upper youth room, we have pictures hanging from vertical wires (which we found at IKEA a little over a year ago and now we can’t find them anymore) but while shopping at IKEA a few months ago we found these, which we love,  but it was almost 3 times the price of the contraption we have in our upper youth room.  We wanted to put six of these, three on each side of a giant door we have in the lower room, meaning we would be spending $78, not including the hooks.

Once again, we turned to our resident carpenter, Kenny and asked him if we might be able to fashion something similar.  And once again, he had an answer for us. Here’s how we fulfilled our dream…


  • two eye hooks per cable hanger (12 total for our purposes)
  • 3/32nd” cable
  • 3/32nd” ferrule and stop
  • pictures
  • card stock
  • clips (to hang the pictures from the cable.)

So first Kenny put the eye hooks into the wall as per our measurements.  He then strung the cable through the ferrule and stop


The ferrule and stop packaging. This goes at the end of the cable to keep them on the eye hooks.

He put the stop far down the cable so the wire would be pulled more taut than it should be to fit between the eye hooks.  After he put one of the ends on an eye hook, he pulled/loosened the other end until it reached the other eye hook and fit snugly on.

Perfect, snug fit!

Perfect, snug fit!

Here’s what it looked like on one side of the door. (We mirrored this on the other side as well.)

Three of the six wires.

Three of the six wires.

We bought the clips from IKEA (the ones that were meant to go with the $13 wires we were too cheap for.

Next we picked out pictures and mounted them on card stock.

If I were to do this project in a home, I might suggest using white cardstock and cutting the pictures into same-sized square shapes.  I think it would give the cable display more of a gallery look, but if you’ve seen my Instagram Inspired post, you’d know we’ve already done the whole “square pictures on a white background” thing in the room.

I did leave some pictures square and on these I put Bible verses.  I have a Dymo label maker that I actually got for packaging clients’ photo DVDs but I have found I use this thing all the time!  I used it to print the Bible verses and put them on some pictures from our trips that didn’t feature our students.

The pictures with verses are on the right and the rest are on the left.  Warning, mounting pictures takes way more time than you'd think.

The pictures with verses are on the right and the rest are on the left. Warning, mounting pictures takes way more time than you’d think.

Lastly, all I had left to do was put the pictures on the hooks and arrange them on the wires.  This arrangement is nice because the pictures are easy to change out after we go on trips/have new events.  All we have to do is print them out and mount them….okay, on second thought, someone might have to keep me accountable on changing out this display.

The cables on one side of the door.

The cables on one side of the door.




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