The Wish List

Currently, I am 31 weeks pregnant and last week my doctor started restricting my movement.  At a little over 31 weeks in my last pregnancy I went into preterm labor and was placed on strict bed rest.  The day after I was able to end my rest, I went into labor.  Needless to say, I am a big believer in what rest can do, so I am taking her suggestion of limiting myself very seriously.  This means I get to sit around….a lot.  If I wasn’t spending copious amounts of time on the internet before, I sure am now (and I’m pretty sure I was spending too much time on the internet anyway, which tells you how much time I’m spending on it now.)

One of my favorite things to do is web-window shop.  I think I became really good at this once we moved here to CA and found ourselves a good 25-35 minutes away from a mall, Target, Costco or any other spot to shop.  Growing up in the Twin Cities, I got real used to being no more than 10 minutes away from Target or 15 minutes away from a mall.

Now, why would I call it “web-window shopping”?  Because I’m really good at shopping and terrible at buying.  So every week I shop and catalogue items I find either in the back of my mind or on my Amazon wish list.  I figure if I’m doing all this work, I might as well share what I find with others.  And since I’m confined to sitting around for good chunks of the day, I’m not undertaking any large projects or other interesting things to share.  (It also meant I missed out on going to camp with our senior highers this past weekend and they got a foot of fresh snow…I am still lamenting over the beautiful pictures that could have been taken!)

The Wish List 1

1.  Baking stamp: you’re supposed to stamp your baked goods before placing them in the oven.  I love this idea, but am unsure how well it works.  I can’t imagine a chocolate chip cookie would take that stamp well.  But maybe a sugar cookie?  Has anyone tried these before?

2.  Epiphanie camera bag: seriously, this is a camera bag.  I’m feeling a desire to just suck it up and purchase this one.  I have looked at these camera bags every single day for the last week and coveted them.  One reason I like them so much is because I could carry a camera around with me at all times.  I mentioned in a previous post that I used to always carry a point-and-shoot with me in high school but now I pretty much just rely on my phone.  How wonderful to carry my trusty DSLR with me and in style!

3.  Desk organizer: because it’s sleek and beautiful.  I wish I was a wood worker so I could craft one myself. The guy who designed this is a genius.

4.  Book rails: okay, so they’re actually picture rails but I would love to use them in the little man’s room to hold some books.  I would ideally put them at his height….not like there’s room for these, but with IKEA being over an hour away, I’m not making a trip there anytime soon so I’d have time to figure that one out.

5.  Nesting bowls: we received a beautiful, colorful set from Crate and Barrel for our wedding but 8 1/2 yeas later, not a single bowl has survived.  I am growing to despise the mis-matched, non-nesting assortment we have ended up with.

6.  Oil bottles: because they’re so cute!  I think I love them so much because they’re indicative of the style kitchen I wish I had.  Down with rental kitchens!


6 thoughts on “The Wish List

    • I’ve seen the other ones too! I actually have a Jojo Tote on my Amazon wish list. I can’t decide. I wish I could get them both and then figure out which one would fit my needs. But then I’d probably just want to keep both.

      • My problem as well. I also have 2 on my wish list and my husband asked me which one I wanted more and I just said “both!” since I couldn’t decide. I always like to see it in person first.

  1. Amy, the cookie stamps are designed to be used on shortbread-type cookies. You are right, they would not work well on chocolate chip cookies.

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