The Newbie (alternate title: The Reason I Haven’t Blogged)

So I suppose some may have noticed I haven’t blogged in a while.  I have a little excuse, well actually, it’s probably a 12 or 13 pound excuse by now (get it?)  But I can only partially blame the newbie because truth be told, his birth may have distracted me but then I just got out of the habit and forgot.  I would remember that I should blog at the worst times: on a run, at Target, while trying to fall asleep.  I finally thought of doing it at a good time, but not a great time because I am going to do family pictures in half an hour.  Anyway, here is the newest addition and these pictures give a sample of his first three months of life.  He’s pretty darn cute and luckily his brother LOVES him.  Like, really, really loves him.

DSC_4353 DSC_4486 DSC_4520 DSC_4528 DSC_4545 DSC_4568 DSC_5217 - Version 2 DSC_6154 DSC_6202


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