Bring on fall!

I love seasons; I especially love fall and have been particularly missing this season having lived in California the last four years. Where we lived, fall consisted of 90º-100º weather and hunting down the few trees that would change color.

“David, did you see that tree that turned orange in the parking lot of that one store?” “I did! I was going to tell you about it! Do you want to go take a walk to it?”

Clearly, I have been anxious for fall and yet it seems like it’s not coming to town. I shouldn’t complain about 70º weather when I know icy streets and below zero temps are around the corner, but I will complain anyway. To get in the spirit of fall, we went to an apple orchard today; it was basically an excuse to get pictures of the boys next to pumpkins. Note: the sweatshirt/sweater were completely unnecessary. Sometimes you gotta fake it ’til you make it. Come quickly, fall! PumpkinPatch2013-43 PumpkinPatch2013-17 PumpkinPatch2013-9PumpkinPatch2013-14 PumpkinPatch2013-20 PumpkinPatch2013-33


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