Senior Sessions Have Begun!

I love (love. love. love.) senior sessions.  It’s no coincidence that I taught high school math for five years and worked for years in youth ministry; I’ve devoted a lot of time to teenagers because I just like being around them.  They’re fun and energetic and curious and are always up for an adventure.  To spend a two-hour session with them is a blast and I love playing off of their energy; it’s truly an honor and a joy to capture this special time in their lives.

Having just moved back from California I was worried about getting plugged in here; I had the good fortune of connecting with Anna through a mutual friend.  Let me tell you: I had so much fun with her!  She claimed to not know what she was doing in front of a camera but I would beg to differ.  She was so easy to pose and work with and as you can see her beauty clearly translates to “film”!  It was my first senior session for the class of 2015 and it was my first senior session back in Minneapolis which made the experience extra special for me. She chose to go to the Stone Arch Bridge and I was thrilled because it’s one of my very favorite spots in the Cities. Can you get a better view?  And lucky for us the leaves just started popping (finally) so we got some beautiful green backdrops which make her already gorgeous eyes stand out even more.

Here’s a small sampling from our session.  Enjoy!

Anna-3 Anna-25
Anna-54 Anna-37
Anna-29 Anna-128


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