Photographer, aspiring homemaker, mother to a toddler and baby, wife to a church-planting pastor and lover of all things crafty.  After moving from Minnesota to New Jersey and then on to California, Amy has landed back in Minnesota where she enjoys trying new recipes, singing and playing guitar, taking pictures, keeping up with her active sons and inspiration for making her home beautiful on a budget.  You can contact amy at amyandtherest@gmail.com

You can visit the main site at andtherest.net for a photography portfolio and for information about booking a session.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy! How did I miss that you have a blog? So nice to see we still have similar interests after all these years! If you’re ever in Chicago, I’ve got to schedule you to do a photo shoot for our little family. Lovely blog–I’ll add you to my reader 🙂


    • Hi Gillian!
      I’m pretty much the worst blogger ever because I’m terrible at making entries, but I’ll try to get on the ball! And yes, I would love to do pictures for your lovely family! I follow your blog via your Facebook page but I’m not sure I actually “follow” it…I’ll have to change that! I love seeing your creative ideas for spaces!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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